Kash Iraggi-Wiggins is the chief owner and operator of Balance Aromatherapy, an Ithaca-based company that creates all-natural body care products by hand, incorporating pure therapeutic essential oils. Kash uses locally-harvested herbs in the Balance Aromatherapy line, so you can be assured the quality is fresh and unpolluted. 

Kash’s passion for aromatherapy began over 20 years ago when she was pregnant with her first daughter and hesitant to use products on her baby that might be harmful. After researching what was available, she decided to make her own baby products. From her research combined with many hours of classes in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, Balance Aromatherapy was born. 

Kash is a certified aromatherapist, a licensed massage therapist, a Reiki practitioner, and an herbalist. Kash also teaches classes in Ithaca, New York on how to make and use body care products that support the body’s ability to heal itself. Her classes include the advantages of the daily use of essential oils and the medicinal benefits of aromatherapy.